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Danny Granger On NBA Offer: 'I Would Expect That Proposal To Be Rejected'

It appears as though the NBA players will spend the next few days laying the groundwork to reject the latest offer from NBA owners, as many have already started hitting Twitter to voice their displeasure with the offer. Indiana Pacers player representative, Danny Granger hasn't done that, but he did speak to Indy Star reporter, Mike Wells who relayed his comments on...where else?..Twitter.

Granger: "From what I've seen and heard, the counter offer is the same they presented us a week ago, making a few minor changes..."

Granger cont: "that in the big scheme of things that really did nothing to the deal."

More Granger: "I would expect that proposal to be rejected after all the players learn more about the deal. The next step I don't know."

So unless something changes drastically in the next 48 to 72 hours, it appears the NBPA is fully prepared to stand their ground and not flinch even if it costs many of the union members a lucrative salary this year. Granger himself was set to make a little over $12 million this season but he and other players are still willing to push that money to the middle of the table while hoping the owners eventually blink and compromise.

Meanwhile, no NBA hoops. I did see an entertaining 4th grade girls tournament game last night. No, I don't have a daughter, just watching some family friends play and they were getting after it all game. Pushed the ball up the court, good ball movement...yeah, we need a deal.