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Not So Happy NBA Opening Night...

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Normally today would be filled with excitement were it not for the NBA lockout. With a marquee double-header on TV showing the Chicago Bulls vs. Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers, while at the same time getting amped for the Indiana Pacers season-opener in Detroit, the hype meter would be very high.

Instead, the SB Nation NBA blogs decided a little black and white color scheme was appropriate since the games mentioned above have been vaporized along with the fun and excitement we should be enjoying today. So the lockout turns much more real today with actual players missing actual games and with it the money they would be paid to play those games.

And instead of game previews to review and box scores to look forward to perusing, we're stuck with lockout new in the links, including NBPA leader Derek Fisher defending himself from a Jason Whitlock report that asserts Fisher is in David Stern's back pocket protecting himself for a future job. Fisher sent a letter to players denying the report and rallying support. Good times.

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