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NBA Owners Quiet, Players Stay Away With Regular Season Games In Jeopardy

The NBA owners and players may appear close, within two or three percentage points, of a deal but fittingly they are literally about as far away as possible from getting together to hammer out a deal and end the NBA lockout.

Late last week there were reports of informal talks between the league and NBPA heading toward a more formal meeting today or tomorrow to prevent cancelling regular season games. Those reports were soured by further reports of the league not wanting to meet unless the players would consider the 50-50 proposal for BRI split.

So now after several big names played in a charity event in Miami on Saturday, the players are reportedly meeting in Los Angeles on Monday, about as far away from the league in New York as you can get in the 48 contiguous states. I will say that all of the negative reports seem to surface from the players side with the owners remaining quiet over the past couple of days. Hopef

Hopefully the normal ebb and flow of these negotiations will kick in today and we'll have some positive developments to latch onto, but for now...nothing.