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IC Cold Links: Roy Hibbert Attends Post-Graduate Post Class; NBA Lockout Focuses On Monday Deadline

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What is a deadline anyway? 

During the NBA lockout there have been several deadlines both real and imagined which the NBA owners and players have willingly crashed through as they took incremental steps to the current state of negotiations that seems to have them close to a deal. Supposedly, if a deal is not struck by Monday, the first two weeks of the regular season will be cancelled. Unless the two sides stop talking for an extended period of time, though I'm sure they can salvage the regular season in full if the mess concludes some time next week.

Until then, there is plenty of great work to digest which I did plenty yesterday while travelling out to the the PNW. Thus, I offer a links from the past two days which includes info on Roy Hibbert's trip to San Antonio to work with Tim Duncan and Nene Hilario. New teammate George Hill was also on hand for the run and surely worked to get Hibbert an invite to the action. May be G3's most valuable assist of the season.

Check out all of the links after the jump.