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SLAM Ranks Danny Granger As 24th Best Player In NBA

SLAMonline is revealing their annual Top 50 NBA player rankings and they've slotted Indiana Pacers forward and leading scorer, Danny Granger as the 24th best player in the NBA. Here's how they opened the analysis on Granger's game after his numbers took a step back last season but the team took a small step forward.

The value of an NBA superstar is essentially determined by one of two factors: fantasy yield (I.e. pure, raw stats) and that player’s team’s success. Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger's rank on SLAMonline’s definitive Top 50 list seems to be the result of reconciliation between those two qualifications

On one hand we have Granger, the former fantasy powerhouse. Coming off a 20.5-point, 5.4 rebound, 2.6 assist, 1.1 steal ‘10-11 season, the six-year veteran is still one of the more reliable talents in the Association. But when that aforementioned line is considered a disappointment (and it generally was), you quickly get a sense of the elite territory Granger was hooping in just a few seasons ago.

Check out the full review of Granger's game here.