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Indiana Pacers Preseason Cancelled; NBA Owners and Players Stuck On Splitting Revenue

The Indiana Pacers remaining preseason games were scrapped this afternoon when the NBA canceled the league's full preseason schedule after negotiations between NBA owners and players failed to find enough common ground for the NBA to consider lifting the lockout.

Both sides emerged tossing BRI percentage numbers around that made the other side look like the bad guy. But there was some good news since it appears the hard cap and salary roll-backs are no longer sticking points, leaving the details on splitting the league's pile of cash as the vital issue preventing a season at this point.

Immediately following the meetings, the preseason was scrapped with a plan to start cancelling real games on Monday if a deal wasn't struck. With no talks scheduled, that seemed like a given. But Ken Berger reports there remains hope of finding the common ground needed and in his most recent update explains there may be some less formal talks on Thursday to continue trying to hammer out a compromise on the BRI split.

Regardless, time is running out to salvage the current regular season to play 82 games.