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NBA Lockout: Players, Owners Keep Indiana Pacers Season On Hold

The NBA owners and players closed in on a deal late last week to end the labor impasse but remained hung up on the revenue split. After both sides walked away from the table no further talks were scheduled and no schedule of NBA games in November would be played.

Considering the schedule originally released by the league was rendered useless after the first two weeks were canceled, the league is simply canceling time now, and for now the first month of the season is gone along with the hope of playing 82 games.

But that's not all bad news. Cramming in 82 games on a condensed calendar may serve the league record books well, but it could make for some painful games and worn out players along the way. Plus, as Howard Beck reports and Sam Amick breaks down, both sides have made progress toward a deal and may be able to wrap things up quickly once the real losses for both sides start to hit home. Of course, they have to start talking again, too.

So we cycle back to the beginning, waiting for another round of reports that the sides have been talking informally and a plan to meet soon. I just hope when they get back together they also plan to play soon.