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IC Cold Links: NBA Lockout Frustrating For Some, Not Interesting For Most

The NBA owners and players will meet again today after several hours of meetings this past Friday and Saturday yielded a little positive movement but far more frustration as they remain in a stalemate on key issues.

While the league shutdown has NBA writers staking out the New York hotel hosting the meetings and an echo chamber of NBA writers and reporters from all forms of media fretting over the details, I'm sensing nothing short of apathy from the general NBA fan.

After Saturday's meetings ended, Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted the following:

Unlike the NFL, the NBA's fan will go very quickly from anger to apathy. This league is threatening to destroy much of what it's created.

At games and parties I attended this weekend, I heard from several casual NBA fans who would enjoy going to Pacers games but who also don't care about the labor issues. At all. It is considered a "bummer" because they'd like to see the team play, but oh, well. Forget moving quickly from anger to apathy, there was no anger in the first place.

As for the players,it is a tough time as they wait and wade through the fluctuating reports on the negotiations. While going back to school for the weekend at Fresno State, Paul George expressed his frustration.

"It's definitely frustrating for me," George said. "To play last year and understand the game, go to the playoffs and get a taste of that, you want to get right back out there.

"I was definitely looking forward to getting out there again. This lockout is definitely a step back for everybody -- the league, the fans."

As long as the two sides continue to talk there is always hope for a resolution. I don't care about threats of cancelled games and key dates on the calendar unless the two sides stop talking. So today is a good day since they plan to talk.

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