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Scary Movies Bore Tyler Hansbrough

Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough has been known to startle an unsuspecting opponent with his intensity and effort when they least expect it. As Frank Vogel is fond of saying, no one wants to play Tyler Hansbrough all day.

To Hansbrough's credit he's never afraid of the opponent or situation in front of him, almost to a fault, looking to attack at all times. Now, thanks to Hansbrough's former North Carolina teammate, Bobby Frasor it all makes a little more sense.

Hansbrough has spent much of his extended offseason in Chapel Hill and was at dinner with friends on Wednesday night when he dropped a line that Frasor just had to share.

At dinner with @THANS50 here is a quote from him. "I have never seen a scary movie that scared me."

Yep, makes perfect sense now. The fearless forward simply doesn't scare easy no matter how hard you try.