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IC Cold Links: NBA Owners, Players Ready To Talk Again; Vogel Stuck Coaching Dolphins

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The NBA labor negotiations pick themselves up off of the mat today after getting knocked silly last week by a hard-line group of owners. The owners and players are expected to resume talks today in NYC after the owners reportedly talked revenue sharing yesterday.

You may also notice that there was no official cancellation of games by the league yesterday, as expected. Is this all positive news pointing toward, GASP, a deal? Of course not. Howard Beck notes that cancelling games isn't a big deal at this point since the league expects to completely re-do the schedule if and when the lockout ends. And as for anything the owners are doing, well the only positive sign they can deliver is a signature on a new CBA deal.

One interesting story in the links today gets to the  root of the current labor strife which began in 2006 with a group of small-market owners formally petitioning the league to address the competitive balance situation. Indiana Pacers owner Herb Simon was among the eight owners at the time who sent the letter to David Stern. Simon has not been among the hard-line owners in the current labor battle. The Pacers badly need some changes to the current system but Simon is letting others do the dirty work while he maintains a desire to start the season as soon as possible.

Much more on the latest news surrounding the lockout in the links, along with Pacers coach Frank Vogel trying his hand to coaching some dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo. Those dolphins appear to listen better than the players do sometimes.