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NBA Lockout: League Ready To Cancel Games Through November 28th

The New York Daily News reports that the NBA plans to cancel at least another two weeks of the NBA season through November 28th.

That seems reasonable at this point considering there are no talks scheduled between the league and players. As for the Indiana Pacers, the cancellations will wipe out eight games including home dates at the Fieldhouse against Orlando, Portland, Detroit and Chicago. Here's the full list.

  • Nov. 15 vs. Orlando
  • Nov. 16 at Atlanta
  • Nov. 18 vs. Portland
  • Nov. 20 at Detroit
  • Nov. 22 vs. Detroit
  • Nov. 23 at Cleveland
  • Nov. 25 vs. Chicago
  • Nov. 27 at Phoenix
After the jump, check out a few links with more stories on the where the lockout stands.