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Danny Granger Opens Up On A Variety Of Pacers-Related Topics In Interview's Zach Lowe offered up a fabulous interview with Danny Granger today. Among the topics Granger touched on and thoughtfully answered were:

  • Plans for a dinner with Fieldhouse workers and the relationship he has with some of those workers.
  • The problems the Pacers had down the stretch against the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs.
  • The team's struggles with executing pick-and-roll plays.
  • His offseason emphasis on improving his ball handling.
  • The pros and cons of his defensive game.
  • Settling for jumpers and the team's emphasis on shooting the three.
  • His efforts to recruit free agents to Indiana.
  • And of course, a Batcave update which is currently held up by the lockout.
Absolutely great stuff from Zach with this interview. Check it out.