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Jeff "Buffett" Foster Expects More Player-Run Workouts For Pacers

Former Indiana Pacers center (sorry, he's still a free agent), Jeff Foster was profiled in Bloomberg Businessweek for his sharp financial acumen, making the most of his career earnings as a NBA role player. 

Foster has long been known for his tight-fisted ways with a dollar. Whenever there's a scoreboard video feature asking the players questions about who is the best dresser, worst singer or cheapest teammate, Foster is always the answer to the latter. Now we know why. It is part of what make Foster the 'Buffett of Basketball' as the article calls him.

In a short video that accompanies the story, Foster still sounds every bit the Mr. Pacer we know and love. Foster and Danny Granger organized the players for a couple of workouts at Hinkle Fieldhouse in September, which he expects to continue as long as the lockout is in effect.

We've got a great, young group of guys that are working really hard this summer, we've had the opportunity to get together once already and as long as the lockout continues to go on, we plan on meeting at least once a month for the duration of the lockout to continue to grow as a team and continue to work on the defensive and offensive fundamentals in a team system.

Unfortunately, "this summer" is long gone Jeff, but I appreciate the effort to keep the Pacers moving in the right direction.