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NBA Lockout: Mediation Doesn't Work, Talks Break Down Then Turn Ugly

Negotiations between NBA owners and players took a sharp turn for the worse this evening threatening more game cancellations, if not the entire season. After talks ended abruptly this evening, federal mediator George Cohen excused himself from the process going forward which freed both sides to talk openly in their respective press conferences.

NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio Spurs owner Peter Holt shared their side of the story -- that the sides were stuck on a BRI split with the league wanting a 50-50 split but the players holding at 52.5% -- then lead player rep, Derek Fisher came out swinging, saying that Silver and Holt lied about what went on behind closed doors.

Yep, things turned ugly just when there seemed to be some hope. Part of that hope was fueled by reports that the owners had agreed to a revenue sharing plan that likely end up giving the Pacers $15 million per year. Of course, this is dependent on the final CBA which is no where near final.

Howard Beck has a nice wrap up of the days events here, check it out.