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David West Given 'Full Clearance' By Doctor

Free agent power forward David West, is reportedly ready to fully participate on the court once the NBA season starts after moths of rehab from ACL surgery. Adrian Wojnarowski tweets the news from West's agent Lance Young.

Free agent David West, one of top players on market, has doctor's full clearance to return after ACL surgery, agent Lance Young tells Y!

After 6 months of rehab, Dr. gave West freedom "to push it as hard as he can," Young said. "He could start training camp in a couple weeks."

Once lockout ends, Hornets still have a strong chance to re-sign West, one of the franchise cornerstones. Indiana is serious threat, though.

I guess a doctor's note from an agent isn't the most re-assuring news, but it does back up West's intentions earlier in the summer that he'd be ready to play once the season started.

The concern it does raise, is that if he hasn't been going full bore yet, there is a chance that once he does amp it up his knee may balk at the extra pounding resulting in a set back. I know, we've seen this movie before. Still, West isn't a player that relies on high-flying, overly-athletic play to produce.

Does this news alter your thoughts on the Pacers pursuing West when the free agent market opens up?