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Chris Denari Shares His Thoughts On Dan Wheldon

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I'm still numb from the death of Indy Car driver Dan Wheldon and that horrific crash in Las Vegas. The guy grew up in front of us and really became a strong advocate and ambassador for IMS and the 500. The way he pulled out his 500 win this year was inexplicable, but sure makes more sense now.

The Indiana Pacers television play-by-play announcer, Chris Denari is also one of the voices synonymous with the Indy 500. Whether at the race or at home, locals rely on the incredible radio call of the race and Denari is a key part of that coverage, relaying the action from Turn 4. So it is quite appropriate that he took the time to share his thoughts on Wheldon's passing including this classy close.

Like many of you on Sunday, all I could do was watch and wonder for the almost two hours between the crash and the announcement of Dan's death. When the announcement was made, I knew that we had lost not just a champion, but a son, husband and father. Dan Wheldon will be missed by many of us, but our thoughts and prayers should be with his family, especially his wife Susie and sons Sebastian and Oliver.

A public memorial service for Wheldon is scheduled for 4:00PM on Sunday at Conseco Fieldhouse.