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Frank Vogel Delivers Some Fun On Barcast Appearance

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel stopped by to appear on Hammer and Nigel's Barcast from Coach's Tavern last week. The show is UStreamed live but you can hear the an audio replay below. Vogel is on for about the first 27 minutes, feigning ignorance when any NBA player's name is mentioned but still managing to talk about the Pacers in general.

Hammer and Nigel like their sports but this is a barcast so it is not a hard core sports show, more like a hard core fun show as you can tell when you hear Hammer end the interview with a NSFW  "Coming to America" quote from Samuel L. Jackson.

As usual, Vogel comes off as comfortable, engaging and fun whether they were talking about his personal life, Jersey, baseball or the Pacers. Plus, Area55 was in the house to show their trademark support. Check it out.