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#NBAFanVoice Day: Waiting On The Next Move For The Pacers

This is part of NBA Fan Voice day.  Please take part by tweeting, liking, or blogging (by Posting a FanPost) about #NBAFanVoice - a day when the fan's voice will be heard by everyone. I will promote your #NBAFanVoice FanPosts to the front page to make sure your thoughts are heard.

The NBA lockout has been beyond frustrating for anyone following the Indiana Pacers. After taking their salary cap medicine for the past couple of years, the team is finally poised to add a player or too and make a trade or two that could make a big impact on improving the young core of players that tasted the playoffs last season.

Now if the season is salvaged there is going to be a frenzied free agency period with a modest pool of options. My hope is that the Pacers don't get caught up in the frenzy and spend because they can. David West would help the Pacers at power forward but overpaying for David West could end up hurting more in the long run.

That's where the frustration sets in with the labor negotiations. What will overpaying a player be going forward? Will the cap rules force teams to make some tough cuts and add to the free agent pool? Will a smaller salary cap give the Pacers enough remaining cap space to make the bold moves they want to and still fill out a roster?

Regardless of how the new CBA shakes out, the Pacers will be in great shape to handle the new system and continue growing. I just hope we get to see it soon.