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Mayor Ballard, Other NBA Mayors Kindly Ask League, Players To Resolve Lockout

Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard joined the mayor of 13 other NBA cities in pleading with the NBA owners and players to resolve their labor dispute to save the NBA season and the local revenue the games generate for the cities.

"We want them to get together and figure this thing out because it's not just about them," Ballard said. "It's about the people in the cities - the people who depend, their livelihoods depend, on them playing those games."

The letter (which you can read here) is a cordial plea that could be much more demanding considering all of the NBA cities that have been blackmailed pressured in the past to kick in funding for new arenas. Of course, just last year Indianapolis agreed to help the Pacers with operating costs and upgrades for Conseco Fieldhouse to the tune of $33.5 million over three years.

And now they might not use the Fieldhouse? Yep, the mayors have a solid beef here.