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IC Cold Links: NBA Labor Negotiations Turn To Mediation, Meditation And Medication Could Be Next

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At least they're trying something different.

After several hours of meeting over several days produced little results, the NBA owners and players have reportedly agreed to utilize a federal mediator when both sides meet next week. If that doesn't work may I suggest both sides meditate together in an effort to sync up biorhythms and maybe in the process find some BRI rhythm. And if that doesn't work, medication in a wide variety of dose forms may be needed to put everyone in an agreeable state.

I'm willing to lend my support to whatever it takes to shake out an agreement at this point. As for the nuts and bolts of the mediation, Welcome To Loud City has a nice breakdown on the man who will be in the middle.

The independent federal mediator will be a man named George Cohen, who is the director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Cohen has already been in contact with each side, so he is familiar with the situation and it looks like the negotiation mediation is on an expedited schedule. Mr. Cohen comes with some high bona fides , as you can read on his bio page. Furthermore, Cohen is quite familiar with the collective bargaining front in pro sports. He was involved in helping the NFL settle its most recent lockout dispute this past summer, he assisted in the 2009 Major League Soccer dispute, and in 1994 he was a labor lawyer who argued on behalf of the MLB union and helped end the strike that wiped out the 1994 world series.

At times like this it is nice to have a hoop head in the White House and it sounds like President Obama has his best man on the job to work with the NBA. As for me, I'll stick with step three and keep medicating until this mess is resolved.

After the jump, plenty of links on the latest news including Reggie Miller's grim take on the situation.