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Brooke Olzendam, Your New TV Host And Sideline Reporter For the Indiana Pacers

Brooke Olzendam
Brooke Olzendam

The Indiana Pacers have several roster spots that remain empty due to the NBA lockout, but they did make a key offseason move today, announcing the hiring of Brooke Olzendam as the new television host and sideline reporter for game broadcasts.

Olzendam takes over the role formerly held by fan favorite, Stacy Paetz who worked the sidelines for the past seven seasons. Pacers Sports & Entertainment's Vice President of Broadcasting Jamie Berns expressed his excitement over adding Olzendam to the Pacers broadcast team on Fox Sports Indiana.

"Brooke is a talented, experienced broadcaster who lights up the screen," said Berns. "She will be a great addition to our team not only on-air, but also in the community."

A native of Spokane, WA, Olzendam has been working for CBS College Sports along with past broadcasting gigs at several spots on the west coast. My only concerns with the hire is that she graduated from my alma mater's rival, Washington State. She's a Coug!

Fortunately, I'm related to and know plenty of fine Cougs, so I'm not too worried. I just hope I have a chance to gloat about the Huskies impending win over Wazzu in football this year, but unfortunately that may have to wait until next year.