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VIDEO: Lance Stephenson Staying Sharp Through Knox Indy Pro Am

IC cold friend, Daniel Gibson took in the action at the Knox Indy Pro Am game last night which included Lance Stephenson and former Pacer Fred Jones and put together the following highlights. I also hear that Carlos Knox is working to put together another game with NBA players to follow up on the game against the Goodman League. It's not the NBA but it is a ton of fun, so I hope it all comes together soon.

I guess any concerns about Stephenson losing focus during the lockout without the Indiana Pacers staff to guide him were unfounded. Ever since the NBA shut down his fob to enter the Fieldhouse, Stephenson has stayed in town and stayed on the grind, working out with the Knox crew.

After watching the video, check out  lots of lockout-related links including Jared Wade's look  into the proposed luxury tax which would be a drastic change. Also, Andrew Feinstein at Denver Stiffs offers his take as a season-ticket holder which includes the following paragraph.

For a while, that bill was paid by fans like you and me. Basketball-obsessed with a social calendar that comes second to the NBA schedule. But at some point, the prices got too high, our televisions got too good and we vacated the building altogether. I can't tell you how many Nuggets fans I speak with on a regular basis who say "I used to have tickets" or "I used to go to 20 games a year" or (in the case of my parents, season-ticket holders for over 30 years) "I used to have two tickets to every game and now I only have two tickets to 10 games".

I could've written that last sentence verbatim. Over the past three years it has always surprised me how many people let me know that they or their company used to have tickets but with the combination of the cost and team they put their money and time elsewhere. More and more this summer, these stories have included some excitement about going to check out the Pacers again, but alas they may not be there.