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NBA Lockout: Owners And Players Resume Talks

The NBA owners and players are meeting again today after spending about five hours on Sunday night not coming to an agreement

So  the luxury tax structure was apparently the sticking point last night (yawn) while the BRI % split also remains a big issue. The players are publicly demanding their share go no lower than 53% and Derek Fisher was trying to organize a Twitter campaign for today with players tweeting : LET US PLAY #StandUnited. I'm on a layover in Denver but at last check none of the Indiana Pacers players have complied, although those on the West Coast may not be up and tweeting as of yet.

David Stern continues to maintain he will cancel the first two weeks of the regular season if a deal isn't struck today. Hopefully they'll at least be close by the end of the day and keep the Commish from chopping games.