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IC Cold Links: Pacers lose another, time for changes?

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The Pacers now sit at 14-20, six games under .500 for the first time this season.  We were spoiled early in the season with smooth, inspired basketball.  Lately, it hasn't been the prettiest basketball and you can, at times, see the confidence dwindling (Friday night was an exception).  This is the case so much so that Roy Hibbert will be speaking with a sports psychologist to try to get out of his funk.

I ran across an article on ESPN, posted below, regarding the Pacers sudden willingness to consider trading Danny Granger.  It isn't suggesting that Larry Bird and David Morway are in the midst of finding a trade, but rather that Granger is not so untouchable anymore.  I find this very interesting, if it is true.  I believe Granger still has a ton of value and he currently sits at our deepest position.

I am not calling for a Danny Granger trade, but what would you guys think of seeing what is out there for Granger?  I am not giving up on the guy at all, but his value is still high and we have some young guys (George) who has shown flashes of real potential.  Could we get in on the Carmelo Anthony trade and bring back Derrick Favors and more somehow?  Check out the links after the jump, including the article regarding Granger and let me know in the comments whether seeking trade opportunities would be good for the Pacers....