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Game Thread #34: Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks

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14-19 23-14
January 8, 2011 - 7:00PM EST
Philips Arena
Radio: 93.1FM WIBC TV: No local TV
Probable starters:
Darren Collison PG Mike Bibby
Mike Dunleavy SG Joe Johnson
Danny Granger SF Josh Smith
Tyler Hansbrough PF Al Horford
Roy Hibbert C Jason Collins

The Indiana Pacers will be playing under the radar tonight when they visit the Atlanta Hawks at Philips Arena. Most of the local attention will be focused on the Indianapolis Colts taking on the New York Jets which will kickoff some time in the third quarter of the Pacers game. But with no TV coverage, we'll have to rely on Mike Wells and Mark Boyle to provide their eye-witness accounts of the game.

The Hawks have been a problem for the Pacers lately winning the last eight meetings. The matchup problems they present with their athletic front line have been a major issue in those losses. In fact, I'd say the Pacers matchup much better against the Spurs than they do the Hawks. Tonight that changes a bit since the Hawks have been playing a starting a little more traditional lineup with Jason Collins starting at center while Marvin Williams has been sidelined with a lower back injury.

Williams is expected to miss tonight's game as well so I expect the Hawks to stick with what has been working. Atlanta has won three in a row and 7 of their last 9. Obviously, the Pacers are past desperate for a win but will have to bounce back from last night's disappointing loss with the same type of effort and hopefully a lot better execution at crunch time.

Here's the preview.

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