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IC Cold Links: Pacers lose to Spurs, Hansbrough with a breakout night

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The Pacers finally looked like a solid basketball team again against the San Antonio Spurs, but couldn't quite finish it off with a win.  I won't cover much of a recap, covered here by Nathan S., but I wanted to see if you guys think there is more behind some of the rotations from last night.

First, Tyler Hansbrough is a beast.  He simply just plays basketball.  He doesn't care how it gets done or what it looks like, he simply wants it more than just about everyone out there.  I would love to see him continue to get around 30 minutes a night.  My question, though, is was there a push by management to get the younger guys some more playing time?  I think we have all been fed up with James Posey and his play recently, especially when he is guarding a tough low-post PF (or not guarding...).  However, he still was playing and and Hansbrough wasn't.  Jim O'Brien wouldn't admit to looking too much into the future, but last night just seemed like a different style of rotation to me. 

So, after a tough month or so of Pacers basketball, did management finally step in and demand more playing time for certain players?  Lance Stephenson dresses with a looming February court date?  Hansbrough gets his first start of the season and plays 30 full minutes?  I suppose we will be able to tell if Dunleavy starts playing less and less, because we all know he is one of Jim O'Brien's favorites.  I'm not calling to scrap the season or have no one over 30 play, but it just seemed different last night.  After the jump check out Bruno's thoughts on the youth movement and let me know if you think there was more to last night's rotation than just JOB...