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IC Cold Links: Pacers prepare for the San Antonio Spurs

Nope, still no game yet.  Does anyone else keep thinking, "Did I miss a game or something??"  I had that feeling last night and even went to the Pacers schedule to double check it.  It seems like ages ago that the Pacers lost a tough one to the New York Knicks.

Maybe this break is exactly what they need.  I hope they are putting everything out on the table and figuring exactly what isn't working and why.  Do you think the assistant coaches are asking Jim O'Brien why he is making some of his substitutions?...."Hey JOB, Posey just got scored on 3 times consecutively by Stoudemire, do you want to make a switch?"  All kidding aside, I am sure they are working hard this week and trying to game plan for a tough few games.

Roy Hibbert had a great game to start the year against Tim Duncan and the Spurs, scoring 28 points and keeping the game close throughout.  Hopefully we see him break out of his slump and bring his confidence back.

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