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IC Cold Links: Lot Of Small Talk Surrounding Indiana Pacers

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Small markets, small ball, small margin for error.

Seems like we get into a lot of small talk when discussing issues surrounding the Indiana Pacers. Yesterday we hit on the problems for small markets which offered up some nice points from several readers.

Today Mike Wells has more on the Jim O'Brien keeping the Pacers in small ball mode to help the offense. Bruno also discusses Danny Granger's production issues of late and the link launching the story asks if Batman needs a Robin. The real problem though is that Granger is assuming the Batman role for the Pacers when he's ideally suited to be Robin. Granger can keep his batcave dream home, but having a scoring threat that can create his own shot running alongside him is really what this team needs.

And if not a Batman, the Pacers could use a couple more Robins to consistently share the scoring load. Roy Hibbert seemed ready to fit into those tights early in the season but burst a seam of late, so to speak. Lately, Darren Collison has shown flashes of masking up himself, but consistent production, not to mention playing time, keep the tights in wrapped in plastic for now.

To get through the season, the Pacers need a couple of Robins to emerge, or at least a Robin-by-committee with Brandon Rush and Paul George upping their impact. I still think the Pacers can get away with a low usage power forward that defends and rebounds and remains the last option on offense. But to make it work, the other offensive options have to do their part.

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