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IC Cold Links: Can Pacers, a small market team, win in the current NBA?

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I came across an interesting article last night on that highlighted the Pacers' struggle to compete with the big-market teamsDanny Granger actually had quite a bit to say about this topic, almost sounding a bit bitter about the situation. 

I guess I am one to think David always has a shot at Goliath, but this view point obviously isn't universal (nor should it be).  We have all seen the success the Pacers have had in the past, even making it to the NBA Finals in 2000 against the perennial NBA Goliath, the Los Angeles Lakers.  This, as we all know, didn't turn into the Pacers' first NBA Champship, but a 6 game series with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and the Lakers celebrating with the O'Brien Trophy.  There were countless Eastern Conference Championship appearances (5 over the last 20 years); however, no such luck pulling out the championship for the lowly Indiana Pacers.  After the jump, check out which small market team can win in this NBA and more....

These facts would certainly point to the difficulty in winning the NBA Championship as a small market team, but what about the San Antonio Spurs?!  They are considered a small market team and have one three championships this decade.  I am in no way saying the Indiana Pacers are the San Antonio Spurs or anything close to them.  However, championships can obviously be won by a small market team....right??

I believe a couple of things...first, big market teams definitely tend to have deeper pockets, which can easily lure most players...I mean, it's a job, they are looking for raises just as you and I are.  Second, Indianapolis isn't necessarily where most people would take a vacation as some of the deeper pocketed cities are.  However, I also believe that teams can build mainly through the draft (see Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz, etc.).  The Pacers have built up a strong core going forward (mainly through the draft), but they have money available this year.  I completely understand that for some people Indianapolis is not the most entertaining city to live in compared to other options, but if we are able to throw some money towards a player won't he bite?

So, the debate is out there....are small market NBA teams able to win in the current NBA?  And, more specifically, are the Indiana Pacers able to win an NBA Championship in the current NBA?  A lot of this comes up because of the CBA and the revenue sharing issue.  Tell me your thoughts in the comments....can the Pacers win?  Why or why not?  Also, what would fix the issues?....