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IC Cold Links: Rose, Boozer, and Deng show the Pacers how to play out a fourth quarter

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The Indiana Pacers continue to push the NBA to play only three quarters every game.  They believe themselves to be one of the top 5 three quarter teams, but the league states "history" as being a reason to continue with 4 quarters.  Fortunately for Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng, four quarters were played last night.  Check out Nathan's review of last night's game for further detail of what actually went on if you missed it.

After two positive outings from Josh McRoberts, who scored a career high 22 points last night, there will inevitably be a battle for the PF position between McBob and Tyler Hansbrough.  Jim O'Brien went with Hansbrough because he wanted more offense, but then McBob scores 22 points.  Will JOB put both in the rotation and completely take out James Posey?  Will he take Foster out of the rotation?  Seems like Foster is too much of a positive contributor to not play right, let me know what you guys think.  What will JOB do with the rotation, if anything?  After the jump, check out the links of the day...

Official Box Score: Bulls 110, Pacers 89

PACERS: Game Rewind: Bulls 110, Pacers 89
Game Rewind has highlights, analysis, notes, quotes and stats from the Pacers-Bulls game Saturday in Chicago.

Pacers suffer late KO against Bulls | The Indianapolis Star |
CHICAGO -- In the visitors' locker room at the United Center, the Indiana Pacers were like a boxer whose every punch was met by a stronger counterpunch.

Rose helps Bulls take 2nd in East — though a break might do him good - Chicago Sun-Times
bulls, Derrick Rose acknowledged he might be prolonging the effects of stomach ulcers by playing through them. But the Bulls guard just can’t pull himself out

Rose helps Bulls power past struggling Pacers - NBA -
Carlos Boozer had 24 points and 10 rebounds, Derrick Rose scored 20 points despite two stomach ulcers and the Chicago Bulls beat the struggling Indiana Pacers 110-89 on Saturday night.

McRoberts delivers career game filling in for ill Hansbrough | The Indianapolis Star |
CHICAGO -- If Josh McRoberts keeps playing like this, the Pacers might have a tough decision once Tyler Hansbrough gets healthy.

NBA Sunday: Mayo Defends Himself - Basketball News & NBA Rumors -
O.J. Mayo explains what, exactly, he did to have been suspended ten games for a banned substance... MVP's don't take nights off... Indiana Pacers have an unlikely hometown...