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IC Cold Links: Indiana Pacers Back To Work After Frustrating Loss To New York Knicks

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The Indiana Pacers have five days off before their next game against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday. I assume much of that time will be spent ironing out the kinks in Jim O'Brien's playing rotation as he tries to utilize a smaller, more active lineup.

Things obviously didn't go as planned against the New York Knicks yesterday with foul trouble forcing JOB to shift lineups on the fly. I'm still confused as to why James Posey was thrown at Amare Stoudemire down the stretch after Jeff Foster fouled out. Posey couldn't handle Kevin Garnett last week and had similar problems with the athletic Stoudemire in the post.

Josh McRoberts played pretty well in his second rotation earlier in the game but sat out while Posey struggled.  McRoberts had zero fouls and is athletic enough to physically stand his ground with Stoudemire. He may not have stopped him, but could've at least made him earn it at the line. Obviously, this is straight hindsight but I would've liked to have seen how that scenario played out.

Also, the good news is that Paul George was back in the rotation as expected. The bad news was, he picked up several fouls and was only able to play nine minutes.

Actually, that's good news too. The rookie has to go through those types of tough games, learn how to play with fouls and also earn his stripes. A couple of those five fouls were rookie calls no doubt, but the only way to get past that is to be on the court putting in time. So, despite the headlines in the paper today, I'd say George remains a work in progress, but he made some progress yesterday, despite the outcome.

After the jump, a few links of interest from the game yesterday.