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IC Cold Links: Pacers take on a hot New Jersey Nets team tonight at Conseco

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The Pacers have the very fortunate opportunity to play the New Jersey Nets tonight.  They are in dire need of a win and a confidence booster.  So, they play Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, and rookie big man Derrick Favors.  Should be a cake-walk, right?? Well, the Nets are coming off of a 4-1 home stand and Lopez is putting up big numbers again as of late....

The Pacers are without Brandon Rush tonight, so Paul George will get even more minutes and it looks like we will see A.J. Price getting some 2-guard play tonight.  Hopefully Conseco will be nice and filled (without paper bags, as Mike Wells pointed out yesterday).  This young team needs as much backing as humanly possible right now.  A strong performance and a nice "W" would be a great boost for this team.  This is a team the Pacers "should" beat, but the way they have been playing it would be tough to say they "should" beat anyone...

After the jump check out the links of the day...

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