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IC Cold Links: Waiting For The Pacers To Do...Something, Anything

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I really was somewhat placated by the effort the Indiana Pacers put forth last night to work themselves back into the game against the Orlando Magic. Yet, they still lost the game by 15 points.

That's not good.

It was the same ol' story on a different night. The same issues, plaguing the same players trying to do the same things that haven't been working for a couple of months.

The uninspired effort prompted yet another, "Fire Jim O'Brien" article from Bob Kravitz today which is linked below. I dare you to read it without nodding your head. Kravitz has to hold the local columnist record for the most columns calling for the firing of the same coach. The story changes slightly -- this time Kravitz goes over Larry Bird's head to directly plea with Herb Simon -- but the general issues remain the same as those that prompted a call for change last season.

Something has to change to breathe new life into this team. Look, there's no shame in losing to the Magic, but not playing with a sense of urgency for 48 minutes doesn't cut it. Once again. as we saw against the Clippers, Warriors, Blazers and Nuggets, the opponent exerted a more consistent effort and executed far better to put away the Pacers.

While the coach and players talk about putting it together and starting to win more games, we're still waiting for something, anything positive to grasp onto for the remainder of the season.

After the jump, plenty of links and free advice for the struggling Pacers, and for a little fun Reggie Miller comments on LeBron James playing villain role at Madison Square Garden tonight.