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IC Cold Links: Pacers could have big shake up within the next month

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You can see a change occurring within rotations (although, Posey still seems to find his way in there every game!), but could more change be coming? According to Fanhouse's article (link below), big changes are more likely than not. Big change may be coming, but a huge feeling of uncertainty has never been more present.

In this article, Larry Bird discusses the youth movement a bit, the preference to make a deal for "another scorer", and the uncertainty looming not only for the NBA with CBA talks, but also with the Indiana Pacers and the dozens of expiring contracts on and off the court. Bird suggests this is a positive for the organization due to the flexibility it offers.

I am excited for the financial flexibility this team will have after the season and the ability for them to make a big splash before the trade deadline if the right deal came along. However, with the possibility of Bird leaving I can't help but worry that his desire to fulfill his "three year plan" of making the playoffs this year will affect this team negatively in the long-term. I think the Pacers need change and also believe they will get it within the next month, but this is a worry that has been running around in my head. Does anyone else have concerns over the possibility of Bird leaving and stubbornness playing a role? Let me know after you check out the links of the day...

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A nice article on the very real possibility of a big trade within the next month

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Conrad Brunner takes a look at the youth movement and how it tends to tease us with possibility however it continues to slap us back into reality most games...

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TJ Ford takes another demotion without creating a stir. Quite the professional...he continues to show his maturity over and over....

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Outstanding interpretation of Larry Bird's comments by Trey Kirby.

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