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IC Cold Links: Pacers try to keep focus and win the final two west coast games

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As Tom mentioned last night, there are rumors swirling and I am sure the players are aware of what is being said in the media as well.  The Indiana Pacers are full of young talent, expiring contracts and cap space for next year, which makes them an ideal trade partner.

There is no way to no for sure if the rumors are having an impact on any of the players that have been mentioned recently.  Danny Granger's name has come up recently in Chad Ford's chat, but he has done nothing but excel recently and become the more efficient scorer we are all used to.  The rumors have all been well documented and will continue to be brought up and discussed, but to go off Tom's article last night, do you think these rumors have an impact on NBA players, specifically the Pacers?  Carmelo Anthony has played very well, but also poorly at times as he deals with the rumors.  Let me know what you think in terms of how NBA players are affected by trade rumors...if at all....

Bird expects Pacers in playoffs | The Indianapolis Star |
PORTLAND, Ore. -- At the rate things are going for the Indiana Pacers, president Larry Bird won't have any fingernails left to chew if the team's season continues in the direction it's heading.

Pacers Crate
Bruno chats with Austin Croshere

No timetable for Oden return | The Indianapolis Star |
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Former Lawrence North High School star Greg Oden isn't putting a timetable on a return from his latest season-ending surgery.