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Pacers Have To Play Through Rumors Leading Up To NBA Trade Deadline

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The NBA trade deadline is February 24th and if today is any indication, we have a long, rumor-filled five weeks to look forward to.

It seems like the more the Indiana Pacers lose, the more rumors surrounding roster changes surface. Considering chatter today included talk of Anthony Randolph coming to the Pacers in a deal with the New York Knicks and then mention of Danny Granger as a possible target for the New Jersey Nets in their post-Carmelo Anthony plans, the fun is just beginning. With the New York-area teams in the mix, there will always be no shortage of "sources" tweaking the rumors.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Pacers are engaged in discussions with other teams so nothing would surprise me in the coming days. But until Mike Wells confirms a deal, everything is a straight rumor. Wells discussed the pending rumor mill with Dan Dakich today on 1070 The Fan. One thing I found interesting was a point he made in dismissing the Randolph rumors, saying that the Pacers have enough youth and would prefer a veteran that can help them win now.

At this point, I don't think the Pacers can acrue enough assets (young talent and draft picks) to go along with their pending salary cap flexibility. Plus, I can't conjure up the combination of players the Pacers could offer to lure a solid veteran player from a willing team, anyway. Just keep gathering assets and don't worry about rushing into any big contracts.

Also, thanks for all of the emails about Lance Stephenson and the Mensa meeting he attended in a New York hotel room on New Year's Day, but honestly, I don't care. If you're interested in such personal and embarrassing stories then I'm sure you are industrious enough to track the links on your own. Shouldn't have any impact on the Pacers and certainly doesn't impact their play on the court.

Speaking of the Pacers play on the court, you know the reason to actually follow the team, hopefully they'll come together and pull out a win this weekend. It won't be easy playing through all of the rumors but the more they win the less they'll have to hear or read about it...yeah, right.