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IC Cold Links: Pacers Start West Coast Swing With Martin Luther King Day Special Against Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers recently beat the Miami Heat and yesterday afternoon took down the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving the champs frustrated and feisty.

In fact, Blake Griffin pushed Lamar Odomover the edge at the end of regulation, with the Laker vet starting a dust up between the two teams that had Odom, Ron Artest (natch), Baron Davis and Griffin ejected for the final few seconds of the game.

Don't get you hopes up, though. Griffin didn't actually do anything to really warrant an ejection so no sane mind would suspend him for today's game as well. Besides, all four of the games on this road trip beginning today in L.A. (3:30PM EST tip) are up to the Pacers. Their level of play and consistency will determine the level of success they have on the road.

Here are a few links of interest while waiting for the afternoon tip and game thread.