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IC Cold Links: Lance Stephenson wants to play, after all...he is "Born Ready"

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Not much going on today in the world of links.  However, there is a small article (see below) on rookie guard Lance Stephenson.  He has apparently improved his defense quite a bit and seems so be open to the idea that he does actually have defensive flaws that he needed/needs to work on.

He has been active a couple times now over a few weeks, but has yet to make his NBA career debut.  I for one honestly thought there would be no way he would play before his court date later in February.  However, no one (Pacers mgmt, JOB) ever mentions that as being a reason for him not playing.  The reason typically is because of his raw play, lack of defense and depth at PG (which still remains to be seen that is the best position for him, long-term).  Are the Pacers simply being hush hush about the court date and the reasons Stephenson isn't playing, or do you think his court date as nothing to do with his PT?  Let me know what you guys think about Stephenson and his playing time...

After the jump, check out the links of the day...

Stephenson: Is it my turn? | The Indianapolis Star |
Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson has sat patiently and watched as fellow rookie Paul George and second-year forward Tyler Hansbrough moved into the rotation the past few weeks.

WHO'S TO BLAME? | The Indianapolis Star |
Fans who take the time to comment on the state of their local professional team are typically negative by nature. It's the talk-radio syndrome and it happens all the time, even with the Indianapolis Colts.

It's up to the players to turn season around | The Indianapolis Star |
He stands stoically on the sideline, arms crossed with an expressionless face. He watches one bad possession after another from his sputtering Indiana Pacers offense on one end, and watches easy baskets scored on the other end.

RealGM: Beyond The Arc - Problems Mount For Hibbert
this is a couple days old, but I believe I missed it the other day...