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IC Cold Links: Derrick Rose uses screens all night to set a pick on the Pacers winning streak

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A friend asked me what I thought about the game yesterday afternoon.  My response was, "Depends on who plays, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde."  I went on to say I am confident this team can beat any team on a given night (once, not in a 7 games series), but it seems as though there are two completely different teams who decide to show up.  Not only in actual play, but in body language as well.

The Pacers will have their struggles while playing more and more minutes with the young guys, I just hope there are less and less as time goes on.  During one stretch of the 4th quarter, Derrick Rose got a screen on the elbow by Kurt Thomas and simply used that to go around and way or another..over and over.  I will be the first to admit that I haven't broken down film on the Bulls, but it seems like there has to be a way to stop them and I am sure other methods have been used by other opponents of the Chicago Bulls.  Derrick Rose is a superstar in this league and will be for a long time, but the Pacers' screen defense was only making it easier for him.

Danny Granger, Darren Collison, Roy Hibbert and company try to bring some momentum from this week with them as they take their next west coast trip.  The Pacers will take on one of the more exciting players in the league right now, Blake Griffin, as well as his teammate and former North Central high school and Indiana Hoosier star, Eric Gordon.  There may be a lot of mistakes in that one, but it should be a fun game to watch as two young teams face off.

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