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IC Cold Links: Pacers play solid all around game, now they take on the Dallas Mavericks tonight

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The Indiana Pacers looked solid all (well...most) of the game last night as they fight to hold onto their 7th seed playoff position.  It looked like a playoff match up last night in terms of rotation.  Looks like Jim O'Brien really wanted a W on the road, so he played Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy and Darren Collison all right around 40 minutes.

JOB's trust in those three guys really paid off as all three contributed heavily in the game.  I am proud to say that I picked up DC three days ago on my fantasy team (whoever dropped him obviously wasn't watching what the Pacers were doing) and he produced nicely for me last night! 

The Pacers put a halt a couple streaks last night, as they were on a 3 game overall losing streak and a 9 game road losing streak.  They will look to start their own winning streak, which will have to continue tonight against the high-powered Dallas MavericksDirk Nowitzki should be out for the game, but the Mavs run deep in the talent pool.  Let's keep an eye on the rotation again to see if JOB will tighten his lineup continually and let his main guys play in longer stretches (especially DC, for more reasons that simply to help my fantasy team).

After the jump, check out reviews of last night's game, previews of tonight's game and a few other items....