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For Paul George, It's All Cooking Shows And Basketball

Rookie Paul George has a ways to go before he makes a big impact on the court for the Indiana Pacers, but the journey has begun.

George's latest blog post at reveals the young fella is settled down with a new place near the Fieldhouse and spends most of his days on the grind with teammates preparing for his first NBA training camp. When he isn't putting in reps at the Fieldhouse, he apparently enjoys watching the cooking channels in his new pad. I must say, it is hard to pass up a good episode of Cupcake Wars or Diners, Drive-In & Dives.

On the court, it sounds like George has spent the past several weeks working on deficiencies in his game exposed by the hard lessons learned during summer league.

I'm trying to condition my body and get ready mentally for what we've got to go through in training camp. It's good that I've been here because the veterans already know what to do so it's important to stay in the same loop, on the same page, as them. And it's a good chance to get a lot of reps leading up to camp.

I'm starting to feel more comfortable with what coach (Jim O'Brien) wants me to do and how to really take care of the ball. I feel like I'm a totally different player from the beginning of summer league to now. It's just continuing the repetitions, starting to feel more comfortable, starting to be able to read plays and be able to create.

The unflappable, positive spirit of the 20-year-old rookie continues to shine through. Sure won't be hard to cheer for any success this kid shows on the floor this year.