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IC Cold Links: Roy Hibbert To Audition Fans, Tyler Hansbrough Still Not Cleared To Play

With training camp less than three weeks away, the Indiana Pacers still have a lot of loose ends to tie up both on the roster and in the stands.

Roy Hibbert has been accepting video auditions for his Area 55 fan zone at the Fieldhouse, but today he's cranking up the search for the wildest fans he can find to give season tickets to for the upcoming season. Hibbert will be at the Nora Kroger for the first round of live auditions for the 55 golden (and blue) tickets. The event is from 3:00-7:00PM and will go a long way to gathering the 110 contestants for next week's final auditions at the Fieldhouse.

In far more sobering news, Mike Wells reports the latest from Larry  Bird on the injury front and Tyler Hansbrough, Jeff Foster and A.J. Price all remain sidelined with hopes to some point. Foster's current inactivity appears to be cautionary, but this certainly puts a damper on any positive news we've heard about Price and Hansbrough.

Bird may simply be keeping the expectations low on both players but it sounds like the same script we've been hearing on Hansbrough. Essentially, he hasn't been cleared for contact and when he is he'll be ready to go full bore. As the weeks have turned to months with Hansbrough's status it is hard not to wonder if there is even a hump in the health recovery process for him to get over with this inner ear/vertigo problem.

It's about go time and if Hansbrough can't go, the front court is even more thin than we thought. Also, both Magnum Rolle and the Pacers continue working together as if Rolle will be part of the team this year except, well, he hasn't signed and can't sign until there is room on the roster. The Pacers are still working to make some moves before camp, but did I mention, camp is less than three weeks away.

After the jump, a few more links on the NBA player movement and Luis Scola's big game in Argentina's win over Brazil at the FIBA World Championship yesterday.