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IC Cold Links: Pacers All Show Up For Day Two, Rookies Settling In Nicely

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The best news from day two of training camp for the Indiana Pacers was that all 17 players hit the floor ready to play and finished practice without any reported injuries. That crushed my over/under of 15 1/2 players making it for day two. I guess I can stop worrying about the lingering injuries of the offseason.

There were plenty of "camp legs" though, as Bruno's scrimmage video reveals, with shots short and long as players worked through losing the bounce in their legs after a long first day. Mike Wells offers up a little more on the scrimmage portion of practice in which the rookies showed up quite well as they ran together with James Posey and Jeff Foster.

Paul George may end up playing more than I expected if he can keep sticking out defensively as he has on the first two days. Both George and Magnum Rolle with his activity on the glass, give the Pacers something they lack in the dirty work area.

Check out the links after the jump with stories on Mike Dunleavy, and more notes from day two including Brandon Rush awaiting word on the team picking up his fourth-year option. This is an interesting topic which is more complicated than it appears on the surface and may not be resolved until the last second of deadline day on October 31st.