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IC Cold Links: Pacers Get To Work, McRoberts Stakes Early Claim For Power Forward Spot

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The Indiana Pacers, all of the Indiana Pacers, took the floor for their first day of training camp yesterday. The team practiced around noon and then again later in the evening and from all reports, all 17 players were in the mix as expected.

It almost seems strange that everyone played as expected with no last second qualifiers for restricted play. I'm putting the over/under for all 17 going full bore again today at 14 1/2. If they hit the over then camp is indeed off to a great start regardless of the rusty games that need to take shape.

Fortunately, Conrad Brunner (aka Bruno Scorsese) put together six minutes worth of clips from the team's first scrimmage yesterday. Obviously, things looked a bit sloppy and you can't possibly draw any conclusion from the highlights, but that doesn't mean there weren't some items of interest throughout.

  • Within 15 seconds I was laughing out loud. On Monday, Jim O'Brien said in essence that Josh McRoberts won't be evaluated on his shooting and he isn't expected to be a Troy Murphy type player. Then on the video, the first play for J-Mac's team has him draining a 3-ball. Looked like a nice arcing stroke too, in contrast to the flat, front-rim magnet he's shown in the past.
  • T.J. Ford was going at it hard. Gotta love seeing some pride rise to the top as he battles Darren Collison all camp.
  • As you'll read in the links, JOB gives the early edge at PF to Josh McRoberts. At this point, it is kind of by default, but he does work well with Hibbert. Like seeing the high/low action between the two since both are pretty good passers.
  • Nice to see Jeff Foster out there banging bodies, A.J. Price running with the team and Danny Granger knocking down threes. I saw Hansbrough playing in a news clip last night and going through some contact drills but as you can see in this video, he didn't run in the 5-on-5 scrimmage. He mentioned his conditioning was behind so his scrimmage minutes are limited.
  • Brandon Rush looked all too familiar on a few plays he struggled to finish.
  • Nice to see Paul George get in the passing lane for a steal. As much as his offensive game was criticized in summer league, he did have a nose for the ball at the defensive end. The best way for the rook to get some minutes this year is to defend his man and create turnovers.
  • Finally, you gotta love Roy Hibbert and A.J. Price literally cheering from the sidelines after Granger drained a 3-ball. Hibby even threw his arms up as the ball was in flight. Nice to see them all competing so hard.

After the jump, plenty of links from day one including more on McRoberts impressing JOB, and a behind the scenes look at media day.