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IC Cold Links: Magnum Rolle Signs, Pacers Media Day Wrap

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As media day wound down yesterday, the Indiana Pacers announced the signing of rookie Magnum Rolle and training camp invitee Lance Allred to officially set the camp roster at 17. Rolle reportedly signed a two year deal that I assume hovers around the league minimum and is at least partially guaranteed. Allred's contract is not guaranteed.

So when the season starts at the end of October something has to give on the Pacers roster since they now have 16 players under contract with only 15 available roster spots. All is quiet on the T.J. Ford trade front with both Ford and the Pacers maintaining a positive public front about starting another season together.

Surely the team wouldn't have signed Rolle without an idea of their intentions to clear a spot for him. Solo Jones seems to be the obvious odd man out in this scenario. Jones was nowhere to be found around the Fieldhouse this summer and considering he's heading into the last year of his contract you would think he'd be working to impress not only the Pacers but other teams observing how he's handling things with the team.

Even if he had a Rocky IV type summer workout program away from the team, he passed up an opportunity to develop with teammates and show he's all in for the season. For a young player who hasn't proven he can consistently contribute, staying out of sight and out of mind this summer makes me wonder if he's already aware of the team's intentions and they are holding on to him to possibly utilize his expiring money to facilitate a trade before the season.

After the jump, a bunch of media day links with stories and video interviews from the Fieldhouse. Also, Greg Oden remains in injury limbo as training camp begins.