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IC Cold Links: Indiana Pacers Media Day Is Here

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The Indiana Pacers hold their annual media day event today at Conseco Fieldhouse in advance of getting to work in training camp tomorrow with two-a-day practices.

So today is the last day for the team to talk the talk and lay out the best case scenario before starting to walk the walk on Tuesday. I'm expecting to hear plenty about good health along with high hopes and aspirations for the upcoming season.

What I don't expect to hear much about are the lingering unresolved issues on the roster. While we'll hear about T.J. Ford competing for playing time, both Ford and the team would prefer to see him playing elsewhere as soon as possible. There are other players in the trade crosshairs, but for now they are all one going forward.

Compared to the Denver Nuggets media day, where the team is mulling a Carmelo Anthony trade with nearly all of the players on the roster in the trade crosshairs, the Pacers can at least project a united front as Larry Bird deflects trade talk by saying the team is always looking to a make deal and if something comes up that will make the team better they'll pull the trigger.

After the jump, a few links of interest including Mike Wells looking for answers and Reggie commenting on the Melo trade and his unease talking from the practice facility of the New York Knicks.