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IC Cold Links: Herb Simon, Jeff Foster Both Ready For Pacers To Return To Action

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A few quick links for Saturday morning, including comments from the Pacers owner and Jeff Foster along with blockbuster trade chatter. The chatter doesn't involve the Pacers but the more upheaval the better for the Pacers as it improves the chances that an opportunity may open up to make a deal. If you see any link-worthy stories, please add them in the comments.

  • Mike Wells interviewed Herb Simon in advance of training camp starting up next week. Simon didn't shy away from questions about Lance Stephenson and actually sounded optimistic that things will work out. It would've been easy to dodge the question by referring to the October 19th court date. He did make it clear that Larry Bird was handling things and while he expressed confidence in how Bird will deal with the situation, he still put the responsibility of navigating through Stephenson's mess on the Pacers' president.
  • Bruno talks with Jeff Foster about the upcoming season. Foster appears fit and ready to pitch in this season so heading into the first day of camp next week it appears all 17 players will be ready to take the court.
  • Media Day is on Monday and all of the players will check in online during an extensive live chat at Submit your questions in advance.
  • Sources: Carmelo Anthony of Denver Nuggets part of four-team trade talks - ESPN
    Marc Stein on the latest news about a monster deal that would strengthen the East even more with Melo going to the Nets.