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IC Cold Links: Keith Smart Takes Over Golden State, Dunleavy Ready To Play

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A few links of interest today include, former IU Hoosier hero, Keith Smart taking over as head coach for the Golden State Warriors. Also, Tyler Hansbrough is back, Mike Dunleavy is ready, Deron Williams takes a dive and Shawne Williams gets yet another chance.

I had three thoughts after watching this video of Williams cliff diving for style points in Utah. First, that was sweet, throwing in the back layout to everyone's surprise. Second, I'd be near outrage if that was a player under contract with the Pacers let alone the team's best player. Third, is there any doubt with the way things have gone the past couple of years, if that was a Pacers player that he would've bounced off the rocks. Oh well, all's well that ends well.

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