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Pacers vs. Food: A Little Team Bonding Before Training Camp

Normally the Pacers Foundation golf outing serves the purpose of team bonding before training camp begins. With the players are back in town, the charity event on the links is a chance for the players to have a good time and joke around with each other outside of their natural habitat on the court.

The vibe around the Pacers team heading to camp this year is bit different though. Several players have been working together and based on tweets and videos throughout the summer they appear to genuinely enjoy hanging out together.

On Wednesday, the team kicked-up team bonding to new levels. With new VP of player relations, Clark Kellogg leading the  charge, a large group of players gathered for a little laser tag followed by a Big Ugly challenge at Bub's Burgers in Carmel. As a bonus, several players utilized Twitter to share some of the experience with fans.

Talk about a feel-good day for the franchise. It appears that the bulk of the roster was involved in the frivolity, so check out the links after the jump to catch the key twitter feeds and videos from yesterday and the golf outing which includes the trip to Bub's, a pop-a-shot showdown and Mike Dunleavy's machine gun putter.