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Pacers Talking Pacers: Jim O'Brien Expects Big Things From Roy Hibbert, The Murphleavy Era Remembered

The Indiana Pacers begin their preseason work with Media Day on Monday, but today JMV hosted is own private media day while broadcasting from the Pacers Foundation golf outing at Brickyard Crossing. JMV and Michael Grady talked with Jim O'Brien, Darren Collison, Mike Dunleavy, Dahntay Jones and Josh McRoberts. JMV also caught up with Mark Boyle fresh off of his 500-plus mile walk around the the state of Indiana. Check out JMV's podcast page where you can listen to all of the interviews.

Plenty of interesting and humorous comments throughout all of the interviews. Jim O'Brien for one, offered up a few nuggets of info worth pondering especially in regard to his plans for Roy Hibbert, which was nice to hear although I'll be more excited when I actually see it play out on the court. At least to start the season, JOB is not interested in offering minutes to develop young players which is no surprise.

After the jump, I jotted down a few points of interest from each interview, including Dunleavy succinctly summing up his career playing alongside Troy Murphy. Listen to the interviews and add to the list in the comments or share your thoughts on the main points.

Jim O'Brien
  • Roy Hibbert in exceptional shape and considered as big of a key as the team has. Needs to up his minutes from 25 to 35 per game this year.
  • Hope to have Roy involved in every basket offensively and defensively within 10 feet of the basket.
  • JOB considers him the best passing big man in the NBA. Have to utilize his ability to score in the low post and also his ability to make decisions at the elbows.
  • Expects to hear about Tyler Hansbrough's status on Wednesday evening. Hopefully cleared to play live basketball for first time since January.
  • Obviously hopes Hansbrough can return to the court and earn some front court minutes.
  • Can't afford to throw guys minutes for the sake of developing them. Have to throw them minutes for the sake of winning. If they can be part of that equation great.

Mike Dunleavy

  • Healthy and able to get back to playing basketball all summer to prepare for summer. This will be his first training camp in three years so he's actually excited for it.
  • First season without Troy Murphy. Joked he may need someone to hold his hand on the first day of camp without Murph. Summed up the Murphleavy era perfectly: "It was a great relationship. We didn't win a whole lot of basketball games, but we had some good times." To be fair, Dun was laughing while saying this and certainly not serious.

Darren Collison

  • Most newsworthy comment was that he's no longer in the cast and was cleared to play pick-up games with the other players, which he did for the first time on Tuesday.
  • Talks the talk as a point guard and leader, exudes a vibrant energy even in a radio interview. Only goal to be part of a playoff run with the Pacers. Really a great interview.
  • Commented on how much James Posey can bring to the Pacers from a leadership standpoint.
  • Hoping to get his Entourage cameo like other former UCLA player Jordan Farmar and Kevin Love.

Dahntay Jones

  • Enjoyed being healthy this offseason to prepare for the season after having to recover from shoulder surgery last summer. Able to be healthy and in great shape to begin camp.
  • Described himself as non-violent which MG took exception to considering Jones is known for needling opponents on the court.